Car Detailing You Can Trust

Car Detailing

Car detailing services you can trust.

We don’t over promise. We always over deliver.

Arizona. Where it rains just enough to always leave you in need of a car wash. Regular car detailing will keep your vehicle looking its best, and leave you feeling great!


Check out some general pricing below.


  • Exterior:
    • Basic Hand Wash ($10-$15)
    • Wheels & Tires ($10-$15)
    • Clay Bar ($20)
    • Compound ($50-$75)
    • Wax ($50-$75)
  • Interior:
    • Vacuum ($5-$10)
    • Shampoo:
      • Seats ($45)
      • Carpets ($45)
    • Trim:
      • De-Grease ($10-$20)
      • Treatment ($10-$20)

Save money on complete detailing services.

Please note that range in pricing is due to different vehicles sizes. Contact Us or fill out the form below to find out more specific pricing for your vehicle.

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